A Little Hunt for Toy Story Aliens


Just the other day we were meeting up in the city for dinner w/ cuz from NYC.  Having arrived a full hour early, I figured I’d just walk around and check out the nearby stores since it’s not very often that I get to wander around Union Square w/ this much free time.  Not wanting to go off too far and end up being late coming back, I decided just to keep the sightseeing short and only to a few nearby stores.  After the Apple store (why it’s a must!) on 1 Stockton St., I happen upon the Disney store, a place where I don’t usually set foot in but hey… the store is nicely lit and there must be magic inside, right?



And WHAT do you know?  The very first thing (yes I passed and ignored all the princesses and stuff) I saw was an all-too-cute Toy Story Alien Bubble Squirter!  Oh this is cool!  Too bad it doesn’t really make noise like a squeeker would.   But I dig it… I DIG it!  : )



Up on the shelves behind the counter there’s also group of these little alien child hand held juice-cup-thingies. Hmmm, mmm, I’d pick it up on the way out.



Then I was told there’s more Toy Story aliens up stairs, so I went up the long escalator up to 2F.   Not much here though, contrary to my expectation.  I only found an ol’ alien plush which is just ooook, PASS!



And then there was the POP! alien, he’s not bad… not sure if the square-look is right for him.  But the packaging is big and I didn’t want to crush the box inside my backpack… PASS!  For now, anyway.



So I came back downtairs, asked the gal behind the counter to pick a good suckie-alien-cup for me, when another sales gal came up to me and informed me that they had this little Toy Story rocket thingie with alien erasers inside a few months back.  I was like, REALLY?  Was it the BIG one that I got?  But that didn’t have any green alien erasers inside I thought and that was more than several yrs ago…  and she was like no no no, it’s pretty small and it IS erasers inside, and they were alll out.  But just to make sure. she’d go take a look for me in the back…


A few minutes later, the bestest disney store girl came out and handed me this little toy story rocket filled with tiny green alien erasers, exactly as she had decribed!  It was the VERY LAST ONE they had as it had fallen behind some other stock and was left unseen on the floor until now…  now that’s TOTAL FATE for me and this lil’ rocket of aliens!  Talking about destiny!   And to make the pot even sweeter, she even told the sales clerk to mark it down 15% cuz it was a little dirty (nothing a good rub wont clean off).  Oy oy!  Joy joy!







So there we have it, my final score of the day~  and yes on that very day, I was happy!  : )