Ajee: Skullskin, Kosplay, French Dunny Ajee & 1-ups

Never been to Paris you say?


Never mind that, we’ll introduce a little bit of France to ya via work of Ajee, a talented French female artist/designer who was one of the 2 secret artist of the French Dunny series.




Says Ajee in her bio:


I’m a french designer.  I live in the Paris suburbs, France. I studied at Beaux-Arts ( french school of fine art) and have worked in fashion and advertising.  That influences my current work for sure.  I draw, paint and sculpt.


My inspirations are:  Interactivity between art, life and nature.  Symbolism, modernism, Arts and Craft.  Architecture, design and art from 19th & the early 20th century.  Alphonse Mucha, Koloman Moser, Charles Rennie Mackintosh & Margaret Mac Donald, Eileen Grey, Pierre Charreau, Robert Mallet Stevens, Jean Prouvé, De Stijl, Bauhaus, Gustave Klimt.


In addition to her ultra stylized and viciously lovely art work, which we’ll get back to on a later blog, we will focus on several EXTREMELY LOVELY vinyl art toys of hers that have been made by Bonustoyz/ExtendedPlayz, plus several custom 1-ups made by Ajee and customed by others.


First, of course, we have the ever-so-lovely Skullskin in her various colorways by Ajee, 11 inches tall with mask.


Gold (Limited 180)

Green (Limited 300)

Dark (Limited 300)

Ajee x Pixie = Skullskin France Blue
Ajee x Pixie = Skullskin Italy Purple
Ajee x Pixie = Skullskin England Black (Limited 60 each)



Then there’s the pair of Kosplay (Skullskin with bear):


Kosplay is a 2 character set – a girl (un)dressed as a skull and a polar bear disguised as a panda. The panda is more endangered than the polar bear. Maybe she did a makeup on him to protect him a little longer? Base and cape are removable from girl, arms and head are articulated.



Black & White (Limited 400)

GlowInTheDark (Limited 140)

Solid Black (Limited 60)

A vinyl edition by Bonustoyz/ExtendedPlayz is released on November 30th-2011, and a Limoges porcelain one by K.Olin Tribu just after.


Then of course her oh-i-must-have French Dunny ‘Panty Ajee’…




And her custom work, such as the 2011 one of a kind darkly sexy quartet of DIAMOND, LOVE, DRIPS &  TRON of Trampt Exclusive SkullSkin for NYCC Custom on Grey SkullSkin (Neon Red Acrylic painted by hand) and so on.



And the custom 3″ & 8″ Dunny  : )



Then we’re off to the various custom works and 1-ups of Skullskin… just amazing!  Aren’t they?  : )




fotos: www.ajee.fr