Tofufu is on, Yay!

We’re on with a 7-day flash sale of our art prints, wall art and stationary under Kids Wednesday.  It starts 10/31 on Halloween (today!) until 11/7.  We are really really excited for this : )   Huge thanks for everyone who’s working with us on this event in Fab (It’s being a bit crazy and difficult… Read More →

Meet The 90-Year-Old Street Artist in Rainbow Family Village (Part 2)

Continued from: Meet The 90-Year-Old Street Artist in Rainbow Family Village (Part 1)   A self-taught artist, Grandpa Rainbow started painting just to kill time since he had some on his hands.   He painted as pleasures for himself but his work was soon discovered by college students nearby.  They took pictures and shared Grandpa Rainbow’s work on the Internet…. Read More →

Pixel Map – Colors of the World

We’re happy to announce that our brand new project ‘Pixel Map – Colors of the World‘ series is now available in the Tofufu shop,  just in time for your 2012 home decor adventures!   A minimal, yet colorful modern concept map made of extremely simple graphics, daring colors and profound interpretation of this amazing world we live in…. Read More →


Speaking of pink, the ‘color of love’, one may immediately associate it with cuddly and cute, the softer gender of the two, nice and fluffy, all things nice and feminine… so on and so forth. What would the cupids of Valentine’s and bunnies of Easter do if such colors of pinkish hues do not exist? We shudder… Read More →