Tofufu Custom Yoka for DesignerCon – 01

Wayne Version –  Gree the Moonmuncher (a yokaiju)   Custom Yoka Show was presented by DKE Toys & AdFunture, who invited 200+ artists from 20 countries to participate and turn the cute little white Yoka bear into everything with artists’ imagination. Some artists painted their Yoka, some sculpted, some felted, some decorated, etc.  Tofufu was invited so… Read More →

Blue Glowie Miru-tanki

We love glowies!   Miru-tanki is one of the characters from our print “invasion of Mirutanki” that can also be found on our website  The story quickly escalates as the invasion of Mirutanki suddenly begins w/o warning on the not-so-peaceful distant planet of Odalon….     For more interesting projects of ours?  Visit!