GO GREEN Stamps and Conserve, LOVE Your Environment!

Now how cool is this!?


When we stopped by the good ol’ USPS office to send our toy & design packages out to ya lovely folks last week, we were pleasantly surprised by the new stamps that we saw at the counter: Go Green Forever ECO Postage Stamps of USPS!!!  Needlessly to say, we immediately bought a bunch to support and spread the idea and awareness of GO GREEN to save our environment :)


Released in late 2011, USPS came up with 16 classically illustrated and well designed GO GREEN stamps that each carries an unique green message for the general public, to remind us of the everyday things we need to do to to make a difference and conserve our natural resources.  Like us, you may find that you’ve already meet many of the green suggestion, tho you might be able to adopt a new one too.  Not to mention our young philatelists can also learn about environmental issues as we educate them with these lovely stamps.


So let’s take a look at the 16 stamps with with of their unique messages, shall we?  Bring out ur pencil, it’s a check-list that we hope you will be able to check most, if not all, off eventually in the future, and hopefully soon to make this a greener world! :)



‘Buy Local Produce’/‘Reuse Bags’ – ALWAYS!  We bring our own bags :)

‘Fix Water Leaks’ – DONE~


‘Share Rides’ – ALWAYS, and we consolidate out trips!

‘Turn Off Lights When Not in Use’ – YES, ALWAYS! :)


‘Choose to Walk’ – Having a dog helps :)

‘Compost’ – YESIRE, every week!

‘GO GREEN: reduce our environmental footprint’ – YES MA’AM, everyday!

‘Let Nature Do the Work’ – Sun is our laundry’s best friend, we don’t use dryer!


‘Recycle More’ – ALWAYS, always~

‘Ride a Bike’ – YES YES!

‘Plant Trees’ – We’ve started with aloe but pear failed, will do more~

‘Insulate the Home’ – Done~


‘Use Public Transportation’ – Yes, whenever we can!

‘Use Efficient Light Bulbs’ – YES, we switched over looooog ago!

‘Adjust the Thermostat’ – We don’t even use central heating!  It’s always OFF :)

‘Maintain Tire Pressure’ – Just checked last week.


WOW! so is Tofufu awesomely green or WHAT?  We’re green every step of the way, tho we CAN plant more trees.  We have supported organizations that plant trees on our behave, it’s time to do more on our own :)  GO GREEN NOW, it’s good for everyone!