He-Man, TMNT, Godzilla & Dinosaurs Found at 6th Auntie’s Place!


Funny how toys just pop up out of the most unlikely(?) places where you least expect to see them.  They saturate and influence your life more than you care to admit; they’re like moisture and rainbow and sand that get into everything while you’re visiting Hawaii… they are like… what the heck am I talking about?


During our recent Lunar New Year trip, we visited dear 6th auntie’s newly remodeled home.  What struck me the most was not how nicely the place was remodeled (it WAS/IS, very nice!), but how in places where one normally see antique ivory carvings and teapots of yesteryears that one’d expect from the parents generation, we saw… TOYS!  Various vinyl and plastic toys of He-Man and his foes, enemies from TMNT (Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles) and dinosaurs galore!



Not to mention a bootleg Godzilla and a bootleg Gigan hanging out in the bathroom among other oddities…
just too too wild~!



Apparently 6th auntie had saved a portion of my cousin Gray’s childhood toys, and decided to put them on display after she remodeled her place.  It gave the place an unique look and feel, and I was instantly at home : )



Not exactly a big He-Man or TMNT fan myself, but at least I can name a few… what about you?  Big thanks to little bro Vin to fill in on the nameless foes!


He-Man and foes (not in any particular order… can you match the names with the fotos?) :


1. Roboto
2. Buzz-Off
3. Clawful
4. Grizzlor
5. Rio Blast
6. He-Man (Prince Adam)
7. Whiplash
8. Leech
9. Dragstor
10. Kobra Khan (w/o the hood)


Sorry some of the fotos are a bit blurry, I kinda took ’em in a hurry since I’ve got a FAMILY GATHERING to attend to! Will definitely be better next round, I promise!



TMNT (Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtles) foes:


11. Splinter
12. Shredder
13. Rocksteady



14. KingKong
15. Godzilla
16. Gigan