I Touch My… Bunny and Monkey – LEGO Mini Figure Series 7 Blind-bagged!

As Barney (Neil Patrick Harris, or better known as Doogie Howser, M.D) from ‘How I met Your Mother’ may say… I’m simply oozing AWESOMENESS!!!  So what lead to such a bold, unbashful and rather uncharacteristic ac·cla·ma·tion of mine you may ask?  Well well… that’s because… I simply AM!


Ah, the truth is, I got my blind-bagged mini LEGO bunnyman and Tarzan with ape SIMPLY BY TOUCH alone, heh heh~ YEP!  While we were out on the hunt for the new BANDAI CREATION fushion Godzilla 1968, Mecha Godzilla and Gigan (still have not located them as of yet) at our newly relocated local Toys R Us, we came upon this opened box of LEGO mini figure Series 7.





Based on the LEGO display, I have interst in only a selected few: Bunnyman, perhaps Viking gal, and the little black monkey that comes with Tarzan… Oh and merman Poseidan would’ve been cool too.


Being blind bagged et all, it’s all just pure chance as to which of the 16 characters one would get IF one were to purchase them at random (aka NORMALLY).  But NOT me!  Thinking I just MIGHT be able to tell which is which from feeling up them blind baggies, I conviced my little bro to stand there and feel out the whole box of mini lego baggies with me.


After some laborous touchy-feelie-feels, I was able to determine (or so I thought) which were the standard heads, bodies and legs, and which were the accessories that are unique enough for us to tell them apart…  and I was pretty sure I got my bunnyman!  Though by now little bro Vin had grown tired and not wanting to touch more blind bags.  I had to leave with my Bunnyman (is it is it?), while Vin picked out 2 somewhat random figures and we went home.


I proceeded to open my baggie as soon as we got home as I wanted to open it neatly with a knife.

OH could this be… the white furry legs of the BUNNYMAN?




YES!  CARROT!  Now there’s no doubt!




Vin wanted to open his Legos himself, so there was no way for me to verify;  but based on my awesome skill of feeling up them mini legos, I was sure that he got the coveted Poseidon and the pink-haired female rock star with an electric guitar.  Groovy!  Guess we’ll find out for sure when he finally decides to open them.   Though he told me I took all the fun out of SURPRISE FOR HIM since I figured our their secret identities…  BAH!





A week later, we stopped by Toys R Us again to look for them illusive (up to this point) Godzilla and foes…

no go  : (


We came upon the mini lego box once again, having much less selection by now, I decided to check again to see if I could get my little monkey.  This one proved to be a bit more difficult.  But hey, I’m simply oozing AWESOMENESS!!!  Right?  So we came home with another blind baggie and GUESS WHAT?


Can this be Tarzan’s jungle shorts?








Too bad we never once came across what we’d think would be Viking gal’s helmet, that cool helm of that Roman Centurion-ish warrior nor the Space Astronaut’s armor.   I did fumble upon some other gadgets and whatnots and figured out they were not the ones we wanted (like the office guy with a mug, etc) out of the remainders from that box.


At least we got the container box as a freebie, which was cool.





So there we have it, my little story of how I TOUCHED and FOUND my bunnyman and little monkey, HO HEY!