Meet The 90-Year-Old Street Artist in Rainbow Family Village (Part 1)

Last Christmas when we were still in Bay Area, I’ve already picked out some interesting places to visit for our Taiwan trip, and this Rainbow Family Village (彩虹眷村) in Taichung is really high on my list.  I was very eager to bring Wayne here so I could show him this little joyful and energetic village on the outskirts of suburban Taichung, Taiwan..


When people say Family Villages (眷村) in Taiwan, they actually refer to old military dependents’ villages built in the late 1940s and the 1950s and a lot of them have been demolished and rebuilt.  “Then what makes this one special?” You may ask.  It’s the story behind this little Rainbow Family Village — how a 90-year-old street artist turned an old ordinary military dependents’ village into a beautiful and colorful Rainbow Family Village.




Huang Yung-fu, who is now known as ‘Grandpa Rainbow’ , is a 90-year-old veteran with no previous professional trainings.  He just picked up a paintbrush about 3 years ago and the whole neighborhood is his huge and borderless canvas to paint.  Yes, the whole neighborhood, literally.  Almost everything in this village is painted with joyful colors and interesting figures or patterns.


From the walls to the ground:





He painted everywhere.


The uneven surfaces didn’t bother him at all.  He would still painted them over with a bright colorful sense of wonder.  It’s really hard to imagine how a 90-year-old veteran can be so energetic and passionate with his art!  In order to paint on so many different places, he has to be quite a healthy man and he is for his age.  He doesn’t drink alcohol or smoke.  All he does everyday is to create more and more street art.





He turned every corner in this originally dull and old military dependents’ village into his canvas.





Some neighbor’s front door:





His own mailboxes:





Around another neighbor’s window:





On another neighbor’s storage door:





Another neighbor’s front door:





Isn’t it amazing?  I will continue organizing more photos!


To be continued: Meet The 90-Year-Old Street Artist in Rainbow Family Village (Part 2)