Meet The 90-Year-Old Street Artist in Rainbow Family Village (Part 2)

Continued from: Meet The 90-Year-Old Street Artist in Rainbow Family Village (Part 1)


A self-taught artist, Grandpa Rainbow started painting just to kill time since he had some on his hands.   He painted as pleasures for himself but his work was soon discovered by college students nearby.  They took pictures and shared Grandpa Rainbow’s work on the Internet.  Next thing we know, more and more people come to appreciate his art and gave him a nickname as Grandpa Rainbow.


I bet he never would have imagined all of these would happen.





Now painting has become a true passion for him.





When Wayne and I visited this Rainbow Village during Lunar New Year, there were so many people photographing the village.   We were lucky enough that Grandpa Rainbow even came out of his house.  (If there were so many people walking in front of my house, I would definitely stay at home and not come out at all!).


When Grandpa Rainbow walked out of the house, I happened to be donating money for  his art supplies (there was this little box for donation).   He must have seen that, as a result, he gave us one of his new Lunar New Year Print (This year is Dragon year!) Yay!   : )





I love Grandpa Rainbow’s work because of the beautiful colors and energy he put in his art.


For a lot of walls, every inch is covered with paintings, it’s just too amazing to see in person.   I love how his whimsical work calls out people’s inner child and brightens their day.  When looking at his work, I even felt peaceful and happy and people around me were all smiling.





Other than these bright vivid colors, Grandpa Rainbow also used a lot of dots in his paintings.


He loves painting human figures with his dots and simple strokes.  They are usually famous people or celebrities Grandpa Rainbow saw on TV but some of them Wayne and I had totally no idea of.





For example, who is this NYU guy?  I had my brain work really hard but still couldn’t figure it out.





Other than human figures, he loves painting plants and animals too.





Even Doraemon looks interesting in Grandpa Rainbow’s style!   : )





Grandpa Rainbow, the 90-year-old self-taught street artist, picked up his paintbrush 3 years ago.  To this day, he still paints a little bit more and more every day and it has become the main purpose of his life.


Even though almost every street and wall in the village have been covered with his colorful work, we still hope that Grandpa Rainbow will continue painting because this is his way of viewing this world and we love it!





Please continue to share your work with us, Grandpa Rainbow!