Miru-tanki Resin Test Pulls for Toy Karma 2

We made some Miru-tanki resin test-pulls for Toy Karma 2 show at Rotofugi a while back.  What is Toy Karma?  Well, in our case, it’s an art exhibit featuring artists expressing their love for classic Japanese toys. But it’s so much more than that. As Mark Nagata, founder of Max Toy Company and curator of this exhibit explains on his blog, it’s the idea that if you’re honest in your dealings that one toy that you’ve always dreamed of getting will eventually come to you. For many serious toy collectors it’s a guideline, a mantra and yes, even a lifestyle. This exhibit pays homage to the mysterious force and power that toys have over us.


Miru-tanki is one of the characters from our print “invasion of Mirutanki” that can also be found on our website Tofufu.com.  The story quickly escalates as the invasion of Mirutanki suddenly begins w/o warning on the not-so-peaceful distant planet of Odalon….