Our Etsy Shop Re-Launched – TofufuStudio

Okie!  Perhaps not many folks know that Tofufu actually has an Etsy shop since we’ve already have our website Tofufu.com.  Our Etsy shop is not really ‘NEW’ either (it has sort of existed for more than 2 years), but for the first time we have decided to ‘re-decorate’ it and made it into a REAL SHOP.


It’s called Tofufu Studio.  TA DA!  Now we have 2 shops!

Instead of offering everything that we currently have on Tofufu.com, we only offer our own art work on Etsy per their guideline.  Now there’s not much but we will try to add new products every two weeks.  From now on, if you would like to find a wide range of items, we suggest you visit our official website Tofufu.com; if you are a heavy Etsy user, please pop over and visit us at Tofufu Studio on Etsy  : )






And here’s our fantastic About Page in our Etsy shop!


It’s a really nice feature which gives sellers more space to present themselves.