Speaking of pink, the ‘color of love’, one may immediately associate it with cuddly and cute, the softer gender of the two, nice and fluffy, all things nice and feminine… so on and so forth. What would the cupids of Valentine’s and bunnies of Easter do if such colors of pinkish hues do not exist? We shudder to the mere thought of the absence of pink…So who’d ever thought that ‘pink’ could be associated with STRANGE BEASTS, our beloved KAIJU, in such grand and overwhelming ‘pink’ scale!? But fear not, don’t be ‘scared pinkless’!


Cuz Tofufu is here to introduce you to our humble collection of pink sofubi vinyl kaijus (but that’s not all!) in all of its pinky glory~ From M1 to Elegab to Buta No Hana, from Ryden to Bwana Spoon toVisell… we pink it all! Oh and here’s a little pink knowledge for that pink brain of yours: 1. the color pink is named after the flowering plants called PINKS in the genus Dianthus with the name derives from the frilled edge of the flowers. 2. the human bones are actually pink, not white, when they’re alive and well in the mortal coil due to the blood circulation. Now aint THAT pinky!



We had to jump several hoops for this awesome lottery-price M1 clear pink baltan 2-sei; but is it worth it?  TOTALLY RIGHTFULLY SO!



Guess which ones are the PINK GLOWIES here?



Big fat piggy bank Hamm comes to join the pink parade along side the Wonderwall Usagi-gon and ButaNoHana pink baltan~  Y’all notice the lower bottom of pink King Joe yet?



Boxing day has come and gone… and we’re left w/ some happy pinkish memories~



Oh mine, who/what is this big pink thingie?



Unfortunately, we accidentally left out the pink ‘clean’ version of the lulu Killer J x Joe, among many other pink vinyl kaijus that failed to make it into the fotoshoots for the 1st two rounds.  It took quite a while to set this whole pinkies up and we already rearranged it several times.  So sorry this is not the entirety of our pink collection up to date as we had hope it to be.  But fear not, we’ll eventually get a bigger light box and get EVERYONE PINK we own into the shot one of these days!



A view from above~



So HOW MANY of these pink kaijus can u name!?