Pixel Map – Colors of the World

We’re happy to announce that our brand new project ‘Pixel Map – Colors of the World‘ series is now available in the Tofufu shop,  just in time for your 2012 home decor adventures!


A minimal, yet colorful modern concept map made of extremely simple graphics, daring colors and profound interpretation of this amazing world we live in. Every color is handpicked, researched, calculated and integrated into this concept map one by one in order to find the right color matches to represent information that usually displays across different types of maps.


We utilize these unique elements to not only showcase beautiful and meaningful colors of the world beyond boundaries, but also communicate physical environments, cultural differences, freedom index, visual identification, and emotional experience with this concept map depending on different viewers/readers.


While ordinary maps provide clear geographic /political information, this concept map takes out the boundaries, attempts to introduce a unique view and aspect of our world and tells a lot of stories with these beautiful and meaningful colors.


Pixel art has been living both in and beyond video games and computer screen. We now can find it everywhere from art posters, magazine ads, album covers, urban installations, graffiti to pixelated tattoos! BTW, we have one! As pixel art lovers living in this 8-bit world, we really want to have a modern world map made of pixels! However, we couldn’t find any at all so we decided to design our very own Pixel Map  :)


Pixel Map – Colors of the World‘ series would be a lovely addition to any room in your home even office with or without frame. Or you can find your own creative way to display it, for example, place little pins on the map to showcase places you’ve lived, have traveled or dream of future visiting.


Our ‘Pixel Map – Colors of the World‘ series will make a great gift for someone who loves travel, maps, pixels, colors or video games. Let our ‘Pixel Map – Colors of the World‘ series take you to a wonderful trip from sea to shiny sea. :)