SF Etsy Team Field Trip at the SF Zoo: Part 1

When is a good day to go to a zoo you ask?  Well, any day at the San Francisco Zoo is a good day, so what better day is there to go other than this past Sunday?  ; )


Last Sunday we participated an interesting team outing at San Francisco Zoo, met with other SF Etsy team members and had loads of fun!  SF Etsy is the street team for local Etsy sellers in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It’s a really vibrant community and we are very glad to be part of it.  This event was held by SF Etsy team and collaborated with the San Francisco Zoo and the Weave app.  The goal of this event was to be… inspired, no kidding!   This SF Zoo field trip was for SF Etsy artists to observe / interact as inspiration and collect ideas for a special project — SF Etsy 2013 Zoo themed Calendar (BTW, it’s coming soon and we’re working on our part as we speak).


However, we started our day at Krispy Kream… before we hit the SF Etsy Zoo…







We first stopped by Krispy Kream in Mountain View to scrath M’s donut itch out of the way (mmm-mmm good!), then it was off to the San Francisco zoo we went!  What a beautiful day it was!  Not too windy by the sea, not too hot, perfect!







So 10:30am exactly, we waited by the front gate to meet up with the rest of the SF Etsy team. Since all prior correspondence and communication between SF Etsy members were done online, we had no idea what other members were like or looked like, so it was a little nerve wrecking to meet up with almost perfect-strangers, kind of a group blind-date (though we knew they MUST be good folks… and it turned out we’re 100% correct!)







After our event planner / organizer Even (Even from nadene, she made incredibly beautiful crochet art jewelry!) showed up with loads of drinks and food… and off we went, into the SF Zoo!








First we stopped by the pretty lawn area with big trees by the Children’s Zoo and had our lovely picnic right there on the grass, courtesy of Weave (thank you thank you thank you!).







After a rather satiating meal, it was time to make friends with them animals!


Led by Jessa, our friendly SF Zoo host, we entered Children’s Zoo and headed on over to the SF Zoo Animal Resource Center.  The staff greeted us at the respective booths with some of the most unusual animals we’ve ever had the chance to meet face to face:


Skipping to one of our favorites, now entering the stage… drum rolls… Sassafrass the Prehensile Tailed Porcupine!  Sass LOVES to eat, all she did was eat, eat, eat, and eat some more while we were there admiring her big nose, her dense quills (they’re this pretty milk yellow on the inner side!) and long long tail.  She ate her pomegranate; she ate her corn; then she ate her string bean; chump chump chump, busy busy busy!







We even got to pet her while she was eating, and everyone’s crazy about her…







We could’ve written a whole page about her, but then we wouldn’t have any time or space left for the Waxy Monkey Frog, Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot Maya, Chihuahua Mountain Kingsnake, Great Horned Owl and more cuties from the SF Zoo Animal Resource Center.


Hello Waxy Monkey Frog!







Hello Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot Maya!







Hello Chihuahua Mountain Kingsnake!






To be continued: SF Etsy Team Field Trip at the SF Zoo: Part 2


Part 2 is going to start with Archimedes, the cute Great Horned Owl in SF Zoo ; )