SF Etsy Team Field Trip at the SF Zoo: Part 2

Continued from: SF Etsy Team Field Trip at the SF Zoo: Part 1



The last stop at the SF Zoo Animal Resource Center was to meet Archimedes and take SF Etsy group picture together with him.  Owls can turn their heads nearly 270 degrees in both directions, and Archimedes at the SF Zoo looooves to turn his head around a lot (super cute when he does that!)


We love Archimedes’ big yellow eyes!  Hello~~ Great Horned Owl Archimedes!






Before we left the SF Zoo Animal Resource Center, we took a nice group shot with Archimedes.  Thanks for all the photographers and Sarah of Birdbags provided this lovely group picture  : )







After we said goodbye to those cute animals and left the SF Zoo ARC center, we walked around the zoo and enjoyed the nice weather since that was our first time in the SF Zoo.


We picked up the map and went on visiting all of the amazing animals one by one: Meerkats, Prairie Dogs, Giant Anteater, Capybara, Lemur, Rhino (playing with a giant ball), Double-wattled Cassowary, Red Kangaroo, Kudu, Mandrill, Penguin (we saw penguin feeding yay!), Chacoan Peccary, Giraffes, Yellow-backed Duiker or Polar Bear or even human then (yes humans are animals and we DID see humans at the zoo)!







When we were walking around, we noticed that there were many peacocks walking around the SF zoo, too!   It’s very interesting because there are lots of turkeys walking around our neighborhood every day (they also fly onto our trees in the back yard).  These naughty peacocks just reminded us of them, haha!







So there we have it, a picture is worth a thousand words and here we have taken a gazillion pictures of the animals we encountered.  If only we had another day we would’ve taken three times as much photos… But as all good things must end, we would not leave the zoo without our prize…


Guess what they are?







YES! A chimp pincher for W and a giraffe pincher for M.  Now our trip was complete!  Almost~


For the SF Etsy x SF Zoo x Weave 2013 Calendar project, here’s one of our current work-in-progress for the Mandrill we met in the San Francisco Zoo.  We’ll also extend the work to be our future Zoofufu SF Zoo edition since we enjoyed our last visit sooooo much!







Please wait for our upcoming Zofufu SF Zoo edition to see Tofufu’s choice of A~Z animals from this trip, and meanwhile, be sure to check out our Zoofufu ABC block poster and other Zoofufu listings such as ABC cards and bamboo wall art on Tofufu, see you at the zoo, I mean Zoofufu!


And a few of our own favorites here:
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