Star Wars Nursery with Tofufu’s ABC Wall Art

Little baby Ben is such a lucky, lucky boy. Very, very lucky indeed!  Having seen so many (well, not THAT many) Star Wars themed nurseries online (and all over the world), we must say, Ben’s Star Wars nursery is simply one of the best that there ever were, by far!



Some of the Star Wars nurseries we’ve seen are totally overdone with crowded Star Wars EVERYTHING, so jammed packed with things that we’d be totally afraid for the baby’s life if there was ever a minor earthquake… Can you imagine having a hoard of stormtroopers and sand troopers land on your baby’s crib… while he/she’s sleeping?  We guess NOT!  On the other hand, some are just plain lacking.  Come on!  Having just one Yoda lamp, one Gamorrean piggy bank and a Vader mobile does not qualify your nursery to be a ‘Star Wars nursery’!  Yet baby Ben’s lovely mother Anna Donlon has just the perfect touch for an elegant and classic SW nursery~  So let’s take a look, shall we?






The choice of colors is simply VERY PLEASING to the eye.  Blue and white, perfect as it can be.  Surely black is ‘cool’… if u want a deformed Vader for a baby!  Wouldn’t the baby feel oppressive seeing DARKNESS EVERYWHERE?  Even Anakin was a born a good kid!  We’re not of the dark side, nor are we one of the black-hole or shadow stormtroopers.  Oh no, we’re baby Jedi!  Our force is strong and we fight for the light!



The first thing that caught our eye is… of course, the ‘IN TOYS WE TRUST’ stormtrooper mini print by yours surely, TOFUFU.  Beautifully framed by Anna, it pulls the focus of the room together along with the two light sabers that frames it, simply brilliant.  Then of course we spot all the Star Wars Mighty Muggs Vinyl Figures on either sides of the crib… not too many, just the best ones there are, almost perfect if the C3P-O is the MM version, which I adore.






Our eyes then travel upward toward the upper shelves… oh my OH MINE!  WHAT are these lovely little bamboo wall art blocks under the X-Wing fighter and the TIE fighter?  Looks like Tofufu’s Starfufu series of R2-D2, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper and Yoda… oh soooo cute we could die!  But oh no we won’t, of course.  Those 4”x4” ¼” bamboo panel blocks are 100% handmade and created here in the good ol’ USA.  They also come in larger formats of 6”x6”, 8”x8” and even larger if you’re interested in doing custom orders, just give Tofufu a holler and they’ll set you right up.







And here we have our ever-so-lucky baby Ben… on the must-have Wampa rug!!!  No Star Wars nursery can do without it.  Though it’d be nice if that Tauntaun Sleeping Bag would fit into the crib… I think it’s life size so it’s a tad, just a tad, BIG, for any baby… unless you are a Jabba baby, of course!







Anna did not stop here, no no she didn’t!  The ever-so-lovely Star Wars quilts and beddings are just out of this world! They compliment the Star Wars silhouette wall decals and the Star Wars planet mobiles perfectly.  We’re sure lucky baby Ben’s got wonderful Wookie dreams in those~  And speaking of Wookies… who can miss the ‘I speak Wookies’ onesie on the wall?!  Oh oh OH!  And the framed ‘MAYTHEFORCEBEWITHYOUFOREVER’ eye chart print… and the Boba lamp…. GOSH, even we want to live in this room!  Oh lucky baby Ben!



So there we have it.  Anna did an awesome, stellar, out of this galaxy job, no doubt about that!  And let’s wrap it up with some famous words of wisdom: “TRULY WONDERFUL, THE MIND OF A CHILD IS.” – JEDI MASTER YODA



Take a tour of Ben’s Star Wars Nursery with us: