Kamen Rider Kaijin Big Parade!

For those whom are not familiar with the Japanese Tokusatsu 特撮 (Sci-Fi/special effect) TV Series Kamen Rider「仮面ライダー」, life must’ve been a little dull, a little less exciting, a little gray and boring… not that they’d realized it anyway since one cannot really miss what they don’t know.  But that is just another sad story of life…   Originally… Read More →


Speaking of pink, the ‘color of love’, one may immediately associate it with cuddly and cute, the softer gender of the two, nice and fluffy, all things nice and feminine… so on and so forth. What would the cupids of Valentine’s and bunnies of Easter do if such colors of pinkish hues do not exist? We shudder… Read More →

Merbearie on Tomopop

We’re happy to see that our Merbearie Yoka has been listed on Tomopop, an online toy community about toy news, community, and collectibles.  Thanks to the editors of Tomopop for the mention.     Tomopop About Town: Custom Yoka Show at Rivet Gallery (via tomopop.com)  

Yoka Show @ Black Maria Gallery

Come see our Gree and Merbearie at Custom Yoka Show:  February 18th through February 23rd, 2010. Opening Reception: Thursday, 18th of February, 7:00 – 10:30pm Curated by Sarah Jo Marks and Dov Kelemer of DKE Toys    

Mark Nagata House Dinner Party

Mark invited  a small group of collectors at his house this weekend for a house dinner party to welcome Ichimiya-san from Sunguts, Yajima-san from Dream Rockets and Matt Walker of Dead Presidents.  We were invited too and had a really nice toy collectors’ gathering : )   Special guests: Yajima-san of Dream Rockets, Japan Ichimiya-san of SunGuts, Japan… Read More →

Merbearie on ART & SOUL

We just saw that Denise from Art & Soul included our Merbearie Yoka in their post.  We couldn’t go to the DesignerCon this year so we’re really excited to be showcased there!  Thank you Denise!     Live from DesignerCon 2009 (via ART & SOUL)  Merbearie (yoka version) showcased in ART & SOUL ♥  

Gree on ART & SOUL

We are glad that Denise from Art & Soul like our Gree Yoka.  Yah!     Live from DesignerCon 2009 (via ART & SOUL)  Gree the Moonmuncher (a yokaiju) showcased on ART & SOUL ♥  

Gree on Vinyl Pulse

What a great way to start our morning!  We saw that the editors of Vinyl Pulse picked and included our Gree in their sneak-peek post for Custom Yoka Show.  We love to read Vinyl Pulse so we’re really excited to be there!       Early Look: Custom Yoka Show @ DesignerCon