HEAR HEAR! Tofufu Bamboo Wall Art Now HERE!

As artists/designers, we are always looking for fun ways to hang our own work.  We want it to be unique, elegant and easy to handle so we don’t need to find matching frames all the time.  Now we are proud to launch our Tofufu Bamboo Wall Art!  They can be found in our shop under Arts & Paper Goods.


We already put up some of our artwork but will keep adding new ones every week.  Every design of ours has various sizes available and will be signed and numbered as limited edition art work.   :)


‘Art of Negotiation’, from our Origami Art Series:

Living in-between the origami world and the real one can’t be easy. One has to learn how to negotiate with one’s enemies, and there appears to be many! So WHAT is an origami anteater TO DO when it’s confronted by a trio of brave army ants? “TO EAT, OR NOT TO EAT?” Gosh this one is tough!


Take a closer look at the battlefield:


Another one from our Origami Art Series:  Ganesha Lord of Success!


Revered as the Remover of Obstacles, Ganesha (Ganesa or Ganesh), aka Ganapati, Vinayaka and Pillaiyar, is ALL about SUCCESS and happiness and well-being. Don’t blame him for removing your obstacles, blame him for making you giddy with glee!  Ganesha is available in three oh-so-successful colors and two happy sizes.


Why bamboo?  Some of you may be wondering.  We use bamboo because its fast growth makes it a very eco-conscious material. This gives all our customers a reason to feel “GOOD” on the inside and out when they are buying art prints from Tofufu.

Also, some new work from our Pixel World Series: Pixel Rider!


“Justice must be served!” Cries our tiny little hero~ Can our very own Pixel Rider 1 take out all these damn cute Pixel Shockers and stop all these imperfectly harmonious shrieks of wild and crazy “Yii!” before they ruthlessly rule our pixel world with a giant dark iron shocker fist?


Not as cool as a real Kamen Rider but every bit as butt-kicking and much much cuter! So we’re counting on ya tiny Pixel Rider 1! Cuz we all live in a pixel world, and i’m a pi-pi-pixel girl :).

Our previous work can also be purchased as Bamboo Wall Art too because we love the idea too much!   Our Bamboo Wall Art is made from 100% premium eco friendly bamboo and handmade in USA.  The beautifully finished bamboo edge looks great against any color wall. Whether you get them for yourself or your friends as gifts, our premium heavyweight Bamboo Wall Art would look wonderful in any room and stand out from the crowd. Simply GORGEOUS!!!


With our easy hanging solution, now our unique Suiboku Kaiju Hedora「水墨ヘドラ」Bamboo Wall Art comes ready to be hung as soon as our package arrives at your doorstep.  : )


More work coming soon!  We promise : )