Tofufu is on, Yay!

We’re on with a 7-day flash sale of our art prints, wall art and stationary under Kids Wednesday.  It starts 10/31 on Halloween (today!) until 11/7.  We are really really excited for this : )


Huge thanks for everyone who’s working with us on this event in Fab (It’s being a bit crazy and difficult because of Sandy and Fab’s right in NYC so…)  Also thanks to Fab Editorial Team for the summary/remark of our work.  We looked at each other and laughed when seeing the subtitle ‘Madcap Art, Stickers & Stationary.’  Yes, as it said right there, please enter our ‘brilliantly madcap world’  ; )


A quick look of our flash sale page on  Click on FB LIKE and share it with your friends and coworkers for us!  Our flash sale only lasts for 7 days on Fab. Don’t miss it!




(If you really miss it, you can stil find us on Official site or our Etsy Shop!)