Unlucky Club #001

About Unlucky Club:


Unlucky Club, aka ‘uku’ (portmanteau of 浮く+苦, suggesting ‘floating bitterness’, as in “we all live in a floating world of bitterness”), is a four panel webcomic, bitterly featuring such unlucky events of all objects & beings unlucky in their transiently unlucky life.  (Ooo! Tofufu is behind all these!)

Speaking of Tofufu, the wondrous design gala comprised of the capriciously cosmic duo Maibelle + Wayne, who love design, toys, art and of course Kaiju, here it spread its curious wings once again; riding high on the fumes of its destined mission to infect a little joy and of course to infest a little misery through its comic strips, Unlucky Club was born, unluckily. Borne of a frustration-infused (not to mention unlucky) daydream sequence one sunny yet dreary afternoon, Unlucky Club infiltrated Wayne’s brain; causing him to create and hand-draw the uku storyboards on paper while Maibelle pushes and finishes the digital halves w/ her MacbookPro, plus just about everything else ’round here.

Both m&w collaborate and contribute to the uku storyline (with a little help from their always frowning dog Inari and sometimes invisible friends). All is swell, or so we dare to hope…