Vintage Kaiju Rice Bowl

Time for Some Chirashi Sushi Rice, Anyone?


OK, perhaps not, cuz the bowl is… EMPTY!  But ain’t this just an awesome vintage kaiju bowl that would’ve been perfect for any rice…  or noodle?



Released back in the days when USD was still the king currency (or so we thought) by far, an educated guess puts its manufactured time around late 70’s to early 80’s… perhaps?  This beautiful beautiful kaiju bowl is made of fine white porcelain bone china with seven ultra kaijus printed on it, simply, simply elegant~   Measuring at 11cm diameter (4.33″), the printed Japanese text on the bowl reads ウルトラマン怪獣 ©円谷プロ/ Ultraman Kaiju ©TSUBURAYA PRO., while the two silver stickers read ウルトラマン シリーズ V ©円谷プロ/Ultraman Series V, ©TSUBURAYA PRO. and 完全研磨/polishing complete 機にキズをつけません/not scratched by machine(?), or according to a Japanese friend, “The bowl has been polished so firmly and does not scratch the desk.”.  NICE!  I’d so hate it if my rice bowl scratches up my desk!!! : )



However it was made, we totally dig this bowl!  Kinda small for a full meal tho, as u can see how it fits into the palm of my hand, but who cares?  It’s a lovely bowl!  Now, just how many classic Ultra kaijus can you name here?


Answers below : )



*UPDATE: thanx to our Japanese friend, we believe the mark belongs to the Japanese porcelain maker 金正陶器 / Kanesho Touki co.,ltd. in 岐阜県多治見市 Tajimi-shi, Gifu-ken ~ :)



Here’s the individual kaiju shots, let’s hear some kaiju names, shall we?



ANSWERS, DO NOT READ AHEAD: Baltan-SeijinRed King,  TEROCHIRAS (not Litta, nope nope~), King Joe, Sadora, Jirass and SEEGULA from the 1979 anime series “THE ULTRAMAN,” who looks a little like Black King with a ton of extra horns.   A special thnx to our kaiju guru Alex Wald for the mystery kaiju answer!